YES! Together We Can !

Sometimes you begin to wonder why with all the multi million US Dollars of combined aid from Brenton Wood institutions and international agencies over the years, we are yet to move from the lower wrung of the HDI ladder.
The answer is not difficult to find. They have been feeding us with fish instead of giving us the nets to catch fish. Assuming that they give us the nets (with the global donor fatigue, they call the shots) we should anticipate that they will not do the finishing for us.
That brings us to only one issue- Nationalism. Many a time, the issue of Patriotism or Nationalism has been trumpeted by all our leaders, but have we ever listened or are the sounds from these trumpets not shrill enough to awaken our sense of patriotism?
The setting up of Wusum Hotel is a modest attempt to answer this question. As patriotic Sierra Leoneans our energies should be directed at lifting mother Sierra Leone from this undignified and abysmal position to a more acceptable international pedestal. We should climb down from the wall of complacency, throw away the garment camouflaged with self destructive defeatism and tell all our generous donors to give us the nets and we shall sell to the fish to them.
If the Asian tigers did it, we too can do it. Each and every one of us (albeit at different levels) has the capacity and propensity to make this turn around happen. I have numerous friends from the East, West, South and North of the country, who have tremendous potential to transform our country into a jewel. Do you want to wait until mother Sierra Leone is dead before you bring in the medicines? Come on my compatriots, I challenge you to come forward, identify yourself as a true patriot and say YES! TOGETHER WE CAN!

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