Why Locate in Makeni

First and foremost it is Pay-Back-Time! I benefited a lot from the District during my schooling days and the least I can do is to Give-Back-To –Caesar, What is Caesar’s. The creation of jobs for the local people (50) at the moment is not only my modest way of saying thank you, but will help to stem the migration of people from the provinces to Freetown which is suffocating and overstretched.
Secondly, Makeni is a hub with a great potential for echo tourism since it is almost a two hours drive from Freetown. Further north and about an hour’s drive, we have the Bintumani Hills, one of the highest mountains in Africa Bumbuna falls which now provides the electricity for Freetown is about 40 minutes away. Koidu Town, the diamond metropolis of Sierra Leone is about two hours away.
The Country’s largest game park, the OKILI OTAMBO is in the process of being developed and will be an hour’s drive from Makeni.
This potential cannot be unlocked if structures like Wusum Hotel are not available.

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