Wusum Experience

The influx of tourists in Africa during different seasons for various purposes is one of the reasons why the hospitality industry in the continent is evolving. The evolution has been particularly pronounced in the West African sub-region. To address this issue, luxurious but affordable accommodations should be made available in order to cater for the ever-growing needs of this category of visitors who through their constant visits, contribute immensely to the growth (and development) of Africa’s domestic economy.

Being part of this evolution, Sierra Leone whose infrastructure is undergoing a revival as a result of a decade of civil war which ended in 2002, stands a better chance of hosting a higher percentage of these visitors as they travel into the country regularly for the purpose of exploring business opportunities. Thus, the revival of the tourism industry will go a long way in rebuilding the country’s infrastructure and improving the economy.

As such, the long-term goal of Wusum Hotel is to provide luxurious yet affordable accommodations in key cities nation-wide. We also plan to make our chain of hotels the best choice in their various locations, creating a differentiated experience capitalizing on personal service, and their unique locations.

With the maiden facility in Makeni, we plan to create an environment of pampered luxury that surpasses the standard fare for the entire province. Expanding our exposure via the internet and introducing the facility to people who have not yet discovered this year-round paradise will allow us to maintain a higher than average occupancy rate and above average profits. The rest of this plan outlines the objectives of the project; discusses the market segmentation and target, and strategy implementation.

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